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Polyvision is a freePBX module that provisions a Polycom voice IP phone. FreePBX is a front end Graphical User Interface (GUI) that controls Asterisk PBX systems. Polyvision is an add-on to freePBX GUI. In other words, configuring Polycom phones become simpler.

I have always enjoyed the concept of open source ideology mainly because it's widely available. As a result to this ideology, Asterisk became a reliable phone system in which created freePBX, thus creating this module. I hope this ideology encourages others to enjoy open sources as much as I do.

I believe freePBX is missing an important module that allows the configuration of phones. End users can experience hardships while setting up phones for Asterisk. How do I know this? I am a victim of this case. I punched myself many times when a phone was not working correctly resulting to unhappy clients. Most of the time I caught the mistakes, however on certain occasions, few errors were discovered by the clients. This is where I hurt myself. I am not sure if you know this, but kicking yourself often can be a painful experience. With this module, I am hoping to stop from hurting myself and prevent others from doing so.

I picked Polycom phones for a reason. Trust me, Polycom phones are very flexible, stable, and reliable than other phones. Remember, the key is to prevent hurting yourself.

Please report any bugs you find. As a system administrator and developer, I think I am quite smart, but we are all human beings. We all make mistakes. I am pretty sure there are bugs in this module. I cannot fix them if I do not know them.

Credit Should Be Given Where It is Due:
  • Unknown Person from freePBX ( document - I read many documents but this gave me some good ideas. I have to thank him/her for this.
  • Robert Dawson, a co-worker of mines from mindSHIFT Technologies ( Rob is just a cool guy who do not mind helping. I am sure he kicked himself many times with silly Asterisk problems but I by passed some of the pain because of him.
  • - They provided excellent documents of their IP voice phones.
Polyvision (08/11/2011)
Polyvision (07/10/2011)
Polyvision (04/10/2011)
Polyvision (01/18/2011)
Polyvision (12/27/2010)

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Any other question, please email me @ - Mainul Haque

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