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If you have problem using the module, you should check out the HOWTO use polyvision page. Please read the HOWTO page before submitting any help request.

You can email me at or send the bug/help request using the form below.

When sending me the bug, please provide me at least the following:
  • Subject - Basic description of the bug
  • Your email address or Phone number if possible.
  • Version of freePBX
  • Version of asterisk (ex: 1.4, 1.6, ...etc)
  • Log file located in apache server in ../html/admin/modules/polyvision/log. Example of the log location would be: /var/www/html/admin/modules/polyvision/log

The more information you provide me the better it is for me delicate the problem. Duplicating the problem is the key to solving the problems. I am a one person doing this. Please do not take it the wrong way if you receive a respond very fast. I have a job and pay bills just like you.

Polyvision (08/11/2011)
Polyvision (07/10/2011)
Polyvision (04/10/2011)
Polyvision (01/18/2011)
Polyvision (12/27/2010)

Report bugs or help request to
Please read HOWTO document before sending bugs or help request

Any other question, please email me @ - Mainul Haque

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Home | HOWTO use polyvision | Report Bugs/Help
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