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Are you searching for the best Small Business Phone System in New York? We offer a telephone system that provides you advanced telephony features such as phone calls, conference calling, video/web conferencing, and much more.

small business phone system

A small business phone system contains multiple telephones system that provides you advanced telephony features such as phone calls, conference calling, video/web conferencing, instant messaging, text messaging, faxing, private and shared voice message boxes, and much more. A Small office phone system can vary from just a few telephones to Private Branch Exchange (PBX). It can function over Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Internet Telephony or VoIP, and may be over the combination of two.

Working of Small Business Phone System:

Before setup, you have to choose a phone system because for small businesses one call dropped could bring huge entrepreneurial failure. A Virtual Phone System is a perfect solution to avoid all these troubles; it’s an extremely affordable system. Not just you can take benefit of extensions and online phone management tools; you can setup the system on your own without spending hundreds of dollars on expert installation services.

Let’s discuss its working step by step in detail.

Step#1: Sign up and select your Business Number

You merely have to sign up and select a number. You can easily send this number to any existing cell phone or landline. You can also select both local and toll- free number for local and far away customers.

Step#2: Record audio for basic Message

After selecting the number, you have to record a greeting message for your customers. This recorded message will be the first thing that a caller receives after dialing your number, so make sure the message is conversant and professional.

Step#3: Adding extensions

Extensions permit you to set up such a system in which you can create independent extensions for your employees. When the customer calls, he/she can allow calling a specific extension to reach the desired department.

When you have done with all the above-mentioned steps, you are ready to receive calls, voice mails, and faxes. You can control your phone calls and voice mails directly by your phone.

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Why you need a small business phone system?

You have just started your business and you need a powerful calling system, but if you can’t afford an expensive system or manage your own telephone network equipment then the small business telephone system is a smart choice that fulfills your all communication needs; the best phone system that has several features like functionality, usability, affordability, and much more.

This system uses a VoIP phone system which gives your small business everything that you need for communications at business quality but without any enterprise expense. It can help you to stay connected by don’t know where your employees are working.

Advantages of using Small Business Phone System:

Here are several advantages of small business phone system:

1. Multiple- functionality:

This system provides many communication services like phone calls, conference calling, video/web conferencing, instant messaging, text messaging, faxing, private and shared voice message boxes. The video conferencing service will permit you to discuss important matters with your employees no matter where they are present at that time. Your employees can work from home or from anywhere there is no need to present physically in the office.

With this system, voicemail and faxes can be sent to your email and in this way, you can receive all the messages in one place.

2. Keep your data secure:

As this system uses the VoIP system, which provides standardize encryption protocols that keep your calls and messages secure.

3. Scalability:

With this system, there is no need to call your provider you just need a new extension or number. The system works in the cloud, it means you can easily make changes online and get on with your business growth.

4. Connectivity:

Small business phone system is designed in such a way that you can make and receive calls on any device such as laptops, mobile phones or any available devices. So you and your employees always stay connected at any place.

5. Affordable:

Its pieces of equipment are cheap, have quite simple set up, and grow with you as your business needs change. Most importantly it provides you advanced features that are flexible and affordable.

6. Control:

This effective system allows you to control the key aspects of the business. Instead of controlling all the activities you just need to reviewed and monitored the system.

In the end, when you are looking for the best small business phone service, you have to keep in mind some features such as affordable pricing, a pace and simple configuration process, automated assistant, a softphone link, transcriptions, and mobile apps.

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