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For a businessman forwarding calls and working remotely to existing mobile phones on large scale enterprise call centers required unlimited minutes, Virtual PBX provides you a system that has PBX tools to make your business more creative.

Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX is a complete phone system which is highly sophisticated. The Virtual PBX phone system is a communication service provider which is used within offices and departments to manage phone calls. It proffers PBX technology. This phone system is virtual as it runs with live phones and lines for businesses, it just uses an internet connection. It offers inexpensive business VoIP telephone service to many businesses. Its services include:

Why Should You Use Virtual PBX?

You are thinking that your business is very efficient and growing at a very nice place but you don’t know what is actually happening; maybe the call is routed over a copper wire given by your local telephone company channeled through a complex PBX switch and then routed to an analog desk phone (a background sound appears: Thank you for your call; we are not available at your…).

So, at this modern era, you should use a smart system i.e. a cloud-based system that routes calls over the internet. What you need is Virtual PBX, It is very easy to use. It’s time to run your business more efficiently by switching to an amazing phone system. You just need an internet connection and you are ready to go. You don’t have to pay for expensive phone lines or PBX hardware. Set your virtual queue for intelligent call routing. You can easily personalize your settings online with a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it provides straight forward calling plans.

best virtual pbx service in New york

Setup and working of Virtual PBX

Its working and setup are quite simple.


  • Firstly, you have to choose a service.
  • Then, Install the software.
  • Select the numbers you want to connect that maybe your landline, cell phone, and depending on the power of the cloud PBX.
  • Then connect your landline, cell phone, or whatever you want to Virtual PBX through technical support.
  • At the end, set up the call forwarding procedure.


Virtual PBX phone systems use IP communications which is sometimes also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to convey phone calls over the internet as data, instead of using a copper legacy network.

Firstly, the caller dials the company number; and then call is forwarded to virtual PBX, here the caller is greeted by an auto-attendant but you’ve to make sure that it is configured. Recorded audio appears and asked him to select the desired department, the caller selects the department, and then, according to the call forwarding scheme call is forwarded to the serviceable device in the configured set up.

More precisely, the caller calls you, the call is forwarded to virtual PBX, and then it is processed and sent to the available device according to call forwarding scheme.

Per month / Per user
Unlimited calling & faxing
Local & Toll Free Number included
Keep your existing phone numbers
No setup fees, no contracts required
US based technical support
Over 100 business ready features

Benefits of Virtual PBX

Here are several benefits of using this system.


It is very less expensive because its equipment is cheap and also its set up is quite simple. You don’t have anyone to operate and maintain telephone services.


By using such a system you and your employees can get total mobility. Your business can be reached anywhere at any time. At this time almost all of the businesses are totally mobile.


It provides flexible inbound and outbound distribution. You can arrange the operators by which outbound calls can be made, by doing this you can assist the caller to reach the department of his desire.


You can upscale your business from Virtual PBX to Hosted PBX when your business starts to run. Upscaling is quite easy and fast.


It connects in a day. There is no need to buy expensive equipment; you just need a computer, a headset with a microphone, and an internet connection.

Best Virtual PBX service in New York

The best Virtual PBX service is available in New York. Almost all of the companies and organizations are used this service and they provide them business packages which will include several features that are needed to run any company and organization. They don’t have added any cost on any feature like a conference call, auto-attendant, call notifications and waiting, and much more. They added many tools and the most popular features that are necessary for any business to succeed.

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