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Routvox provides an all-in-one VoIP full-service solution for a small business in the medical sector. We provide toll-free, local, and fax numbers, as well as unlimited calling with desktop phones and mobile apps.

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Get a Business Line That Never Misses a Patient Call!

So you have a medical office where the client comes in once in a while. You know you cannot run your medical sector without having a working virtual phone system for medical sector. Imagine your client is calling your medical office and gets a busy line. It could be worse if you did not know your phone issue until you wonder why you haven’t received any calls in the past 2 hours. By the time you realized what was going on, three of your patients canceled appointments, along with four other calls to schedule an appointment. Finally, a few weeks later your marketer pointed out the bad Google reviews related to “patient unable to get in touch with your medical receptionist”.

Any doctor who has been in business for a while knows that the above scenario is common. The reality is a doctor’s office is considered a small business where there is one person at the front desk and maybe one or two examination rooms. Small business or mom and pop usually do not need a full time IT person. In fact, most doctor offices do not have any IT person to manage VoIP service and it is not cost-effective to have a full time IT person. It is important to understand that an IT person is like a family doctor or person who studied internal medicine, in contrast to a specialist, such as a foot doctor. A family doctor will send a patient with a broken foot to a foot specialist. The same applies to an IT person who will call a phone company to talk to a Voice Engineer, who specializes in phones.

Why Should a Medical Office Use a VOIP System?

Routvox provides an all-in-one VoIP full-service solution for a small business in the medical sector. We provide toll-free, local, and fax numbers, as well as unlimited calling with desktop phones and mobile apps. Medical office uses our service because of the following:

  • When a medical receptionist can not pick up a call, our system sends the call to answering service automatically
  • Increase patient’s visit by 25% with our business online texting
  • Provide business line without the busy line for medical offices (eliminates all-circuits-busy message)
  • Never miss a call – Get a phone with 99% uptime

Other key facts to pick Routvox:

  • Fantastic Value – Save 20% (if your bill is $250, we most likely can reduce your bill to $200 per month)
  • Simple – We Setup & Maintain Everything For You
  • Amazing Support – 24/7 Top Professional Support
  • All In One – Full-Service Intuitive Technology

Small business-like doctor offices need to be treated differently, compared to a mid-size business such a hospital. For example, mid-size is considered having higher than 500 employees according to Dell ( computer technology company. Usually, there are different types of IT specialists within the company that Routvox can work with to provide a virtual phone system. We usually train the IT person on how to manage VOIP service. The fact is employees usually do not stay with one company for the rest of their life. If that happens, OptimizedVoIP is a backup who can take over the virtual phone or train the new IT person to take over. We are security for mid-size companies in the medical sector.

Small businesses such as doctor offices, on the other hand, are different. As previously mentioned, most small business owners need constant support and guidance because they are too small or cannot afford to have a full time IT employee.

Not everyone can handle phone technology. Even IT consulting companies outsource VoIP work to Routvox because it is specialized work as previously mentioned. As a result, we can save clients in the medical sector money. For example, we have our own internal VoIP for medical offices as well as partnered with big companies like Verizon, Spectrum, Optimum, and RingCentral. The partnership allows us to lower the cost of a VoIP solution.

These types of partnerships help to bring new technology and solutions such as “FirstNet”. FirstNet provides a wireless solution to the medical section who is considering first responders. This means when the medical sector needs to communicate with first responders using wireless technology, AT&T guarantees communication happens. We can use this type of technology for VoIP service for doctors offices.

Imagine it is New Year’s Eve. Everyone is using the phone and many are getting the busy line. If a medical staff needs to talk to another medical sector and Routvox implemented AT&T FirstNet for your medical office, the communication will happen. However, that would not be the case for regular users.

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